Behavior Modification

For the pup who is scared or aggressive, and possibly even has a bite history. We know how stressful living with a "difficult" dog can be. We are here to help you understand your dog, and them understand you. We go straight to the cause of the symptoms and treat those so that your dog can live a happy, safe, loving life. This package includes 8 one hour sessions in your home or a local location, equipment, and phone call, email, and text availability throughout the week so you’re never left with questions! This package can also include accompanying you to vets offices or helping with basic grooming care if these things are scary or difficult for your dog. Our specialization here at Epiphany Dog Training is aggression and fear behavioral modification and rehabilitation. Are you ready to have a calm, happy dog? Let’s get started!

What Our Customer Are Saying:


I have had the unique honor of working with Marissa Sunny in the position of both student and colleague, and I can honestly say that there are few around with her level of aptitude and excellence in her craft. The very first time I was in one of her classes, one of the students was very dog reactive. While running a challenging and informative curriculum, I personally witnessed her coaching the handler on socialization and confidence building. A few months later, this very same student was able to attend a dog event with her owner.

I also consider it a personal blessing to have had her help when my own beloved dog was attacked at a local dog park. Marissa worked with us to help maintain her confidence levels, and to make sure I had the knowledge of what to do in every situation to cope with the trauma of her suffering an unprovoked attack. To this day she remains one of the sweetest malinois I have ever met, great with dogs and people both.

Marissa is one of those rare trainers who is not only able to provide training and knowledge to accomplish any challenge I've seen set before them, but she has the ability to make both dog and handler believe in themselves. She opens your eyes to what you are able to accomplish together, and helps you learn to believe in yourselves as a true team.

Patrick Wilson

Marissa has been great with my dog - after one session, he loved her. After the 2nd session, we were able to get him into a muzzle with no problems and the visit to the vet was much better than previous visits. She's very patient and is great at reassuring you that your dog's issues can be overcome.

Tonya Arnold

My wife and I met Marissa in late 2016. After returning home from Japan with our three-year old Shiba Inu, named Koebi, we started looking for a trainer that could help her learn to get along with other dogs. Marissa invited us to observe a lesson before we made a decision on whether or not to sign up Koebi.

I recall being impressed by her poise and ability to handle the wide range of temperaments and abilities of the dogs she had that day. We loved how much Marissa loved her job and the dogs she worked with, and were taken aback by how professional and knowledgeable she was. One point that stood out to us was the fact that while Marissa was able to quickly produce results, to the surprise of many new puppy parents, she advised them that training was both a task for owner and dog alike. Beyond anything else we saw that day, this was perhaps the biggest selling point for us. As firm believers in the notion that hard work and dedication pay off I knew that Marissa was right for us. We instantly signed up for one-on-one classes (which eventually turned into intermediate classes as Koebi began to do well).

Our focus with Koebi was socialization. Shiba Inu typically don’t associate with dogs outside their breed very well. In addition to that, though, Koebi never met many dogs where we lived in Japan. Here in California, on the other hand, she was inundated with dogs on a daily basis wherever we walked. During our lessons, Marissa took the greatest of care to produce a safe and nurturing environment for Koebi. She always considered Koebi’s stress levels when planning activities and never pushed her to the point of discomfort. Her utmost priority was always the well being of Koebi, and for that we can never thank her enough.

In the months that followed with Marissa’s instruction and guidance we were able help Koebi learn to accept other dogs and even make a few friends, which is more than we ever asked for. We are absolutely thrilled that Koebi can enjoy her walks without worrying about other dogs that walk by.

It is with resounding enthusiasm that we recommend Marissa to anyone and everyone who is looking to help their dog succeed, no matter their circumstance.

Mitsuko & Joshua - Koebi

When Marissa fist came to our house to work with my dog Lulu she could barely get through the front door into the house. Anytime anyone comes over Lulu barks excessively. By the end of our first session Marissa was able to win over Lulu’s trust and she no longer barked. She has taught Lulu coping skills to be able handle the stress of having a stranger come into the house and each day we work with Lulu she is able to calm herself down. I am looking forward to see how much more progress Lulu will make with Marissa’s guidance.

Barbie Olson

How it Works

Step 1
Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

During your consultation, we will get to know each other and your dog will get to know Marissa.  The goal of this consultation is to make sure that there is a good fit for you, for your dog and for us.  It is important to the success of your training that this step is taken.  During this time we talk about what you want to accomplish, issues that you are concerned about and if it all looks like a good fit for everyone, then we create a custom training plan. 

Step 2
Schedule your first training session

Once you decide to commit to the training plan discussed, you will schedule your first session.  

A frequent question is "What do I need to get ready for when you come?"
Please be on time and ready for the training. We want to make sure that you get the full training session.
Be ready to participate.  Training is for you as well as your dog. 
Have everyone in the family who wants to be involved (we encourage you to include your children) ready for the training session.

Step 3

Payment is due before or at the beginning of the first session.   The amount is discussed at the complimentary consultation.