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The goal of Epiphany Dog Training is to help dog parents have their “epiphany moment” where they learned how to communicate with dogs. She believes that the biggest issue surrounding canine care and training is that the people and pets involved do not speak the same language! That is where she comes in, her philosophy is all science based, force free methods which follow the industry standard of LIMA (least invasive, minimally aversive). She says that dogs are constantly trying to communicate with us, and so often we miss it leading to painful moments and frustration with our pets.

Marissa Sunny

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Marissa Sunny CPDT-KA got started in dog training working with various German Shepherd rescues in the LA and OC areas. She worked with the aggressive dogs to get them bathed and cleaned up to help them find their forever home! This started her on the path of learning dog psychology, body language, and over all how dogs communicate. Her colleagues and friends like to say she speaks "fluent dog".  Read More


Definitely one of the best trainers I have used! She is awesome! She is calm and very effective and our Charlie loved her! I will recommend her to anyone I know needing someone to train their dog.

Deborah Moran


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